Phase One


    • Analyzes work-flow, adjacencies and  individual needs
    • Compares needs versus wants of a design project based on budget requirements
    • Improves productivity

Space Planning

    • Develops a floorplan based on program and spacial needs

Concept / Theme Development

    • Produces documentation through concept images, key materials and components of a design to help clients visualize the space
    • Aids in getting projects funded getting team members sold on the design solution

Presentation Graphics

    • Helps development teams understand the design in a varieties of ways with lighting, path of travel, and use diagrams
    • Helps create an overall understanding of the project, layout and selections


      • Shows the client realistic vision of the space helping put all ideas together to form a picture.
      • Great marketing and promotion tool for your project

Phase Two

Interior Design

      • Designing mainly in 3D using BIM (Building Information Modelling)
      • Helps reduce costs of project through creative solutions
      • Creates a professionally designed space appropriate to budget and desired image

Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment Selection

      • Selection of materials and furniture to coordinate with project budget
      • Confidence that trusted manufacturers with quality products are being used
      • Less issues with fabrication and delivery due to experience with manufacturers

Lighting Design

      • Creates sufficient and appropriate lighting design to coordinate with the needs of the space
      • Occupants are happier and able to perform tasks better

Art Program

      • Selection of artwork appropriate and complimentary to the design and use
      • Reduced pricing from trusted sources

Signage and Graphics Design

      • Coordinates design intent throughout the space
      • Aids in way finding
      • Assures code compliance throughout the space

Phase Three


Installation Assistance

      • Takes the trouble of arranging and coordinating the layout to the finished space


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