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How close are renderings to the built space?

I was revising an old company presentation today and found this slide that shows the rendering versus actual space.  This is Mia Margherita in Bridgeport, West Virginia.  It’s an amazing Neapolitan style pizza restaurant that uses a coal fired oven to cook pies in just a few minutes at about 1,000 degrees F.  They focus on […]

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It Happened to Me…Booth Design…part 2

I was just at a restaurant in Lakewood, Ohio and the booth seats were too high for the tables.  I assumed my higher position at the table, and as noble as I may have felt, I did worry about the increased distance between my salad and my mouth.  Everywhere I looked, I saw other patrons […]

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A Very Scientific Study on Office Design

Throughout my career, I have been engaged in various levels of office design, from 500 to 10,000 square feet. There simply aren’t a plethora of businesses that operate without an office in one form or another. While the dialogue of important features varies per project, the basic needs of the people who occupy the spaces […]

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